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bar bending schedule software

Bend Plus BBS Software

Enter Bar Bending Schedules quickly with ready shapes and auto calculations for cutting/theoretical lengths of bars . Import data from any CAD detailing or Excel Sheet and start optimizing to reduce scrap

reinforcement steel optimization software

Bend Plus Rebar Production

Bend Plus Production Software will help you reduce the reinforcement scrap to the lowest and speed up your overall rebar cutting & bending process with zero mistakes with the bundle tags & reports

Reinforcement Steel Inventory Software

Bend Plus Rebar Inventory

BendPlus Inventory Software keeps a complete record of whole reinforcement steel entries & usage. Additionally, it picks up the off-cuts generated from previous orders and uses them for new orders.

Bend Plus Sales Order

Bend Plus Sales Order Software allows the user to pick any Bend+ Code & apply pricing on each bar size separately. You can use the same document as quotation or as sales Order, to suit the need & situation.

Delivery Note Software

Bend Plus Delivery Note

Bend Plus delivery note software provides a clear, easy to read, a summary of straight bars, bent bars & other accessories in a professional manner, which then converts into sales invoices with a few clicks. 

Bend Plus Rebar Billing

Bend Plus Invoicing Software can help you generate professional rebar invoices. Apply separate pricing for Stock Bars and Cut & Bend bars. Add whatever taxes applicable & even delivery charges / discounts. 

planning software for cut and bend steel

Bend Plus Planning

Bendplus Planning Software provides you a bird`s eye over your whole orders waiting for production. Its an easy calendar based software to schedule your rebar cut & bend operations on a daily / weekly basis

Bend Plus Purchase Order

Order reinforcement steel and accessories using this professional document & role of purchase order just does not end there. The good receipt note uses the PO reference & does not allow any entry without PO.

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Online Support & Training

We provide extensive online support services for BendPlus users to make sure they don’t get stuck anywhere. After regular hours, you can still reach us at emergency support at any time.

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