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Software for Rebar Cut & Bend

Powerful than ever, enter orders rapidly with more ease, directly in the shapes, plan the production with real-time visible graphs & execute the production with the minimum possible rebar scrap.

Rebar Inventory Management

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Bend Plus Purchase Order

Order reinforcement steel and accessories using this professional document & ease up the entries at good received note. Mention exact Brand, Grade & Coating of required steel to cut all confusions. It can handle, rebar, coils, wiremesh, couplers & other accessories.

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Rebar Good Received Note

Bend Plus GRN is the entry point of the Rebar Inventory.  Autofill with existing purchase order or use independently without a purchase order. Enter rebar with Brand, Grade, and Coating criteria. Capable to handle stock bars, coils, wiremesh

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Bend Plus Rebar Inventory

Bend Plus Inventory Software keeps a complete record of whole reinforcement steel entries & usage. Directly connected to production optimization tools, does not allow any kind of user manipulation. Capable of handling the most complex variables.

Bar Bending Schedule & Work Order

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Bend Plus BBS Software

Enter Bar Bending Schedules quickly with ready shapes and auto calculations for cutting/theoretical lengths of bars . Import data from any CAD detailing or Excel Sheet and start optimizing to reduce scrap

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Bend Plus Work Order

Bend Plus Work Order Software allows the user to pick any Bend+ Code & apply pricing on each bar size separately. Control your production & Order shipments with this amazing powerful yet easy to use tool. 

Rebar Production Software

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Bend Plus Planning

Bendplus Planning Software provides you a bird`s eye over your whole orders waiting for production. Its an easy calendar based software to schedule your rebar cut & bend operations on a daily / weekly basis

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Production & Opimization

Bend Plus Production Software will help you reduce the reinforcement scrap to the lowest and speed up your overall rebar cutting & bending process with zero mistakes with the bundle tags & reports

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Rebar Offcut Inventory

Mix Length or Offcut Inventory consists of all the lengths other than the main Stock Length. Offcuts generated from rebar production software are directly stored here along with the exact brand, grade & coating as of the original stock bar.

Tracking, Shipping & Billing

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Rebar Tracker

Bend Plus Rebar Tracker & Load Tracker is a powerful tool to track the rebar item from entry to delivery with complete date and time stamps. Create machine production records & loading lists for trucks with quick QR scans within minutes with scans.

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Bend Plus Delivery Note

Bend Plus delivery note software provides a clear, easy to read, a summary of straight bars, bent bars & other accessories in a professional manner, which then converts into sales invoices with a few clicks. 

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Bend Plus Rebar Billing

Bend Plus Invoicing Software can help you generate professional rebar invoices. Apply separate pricing for Stock Bars and Cut & Bend bars. Add whatever taxes applicable & even delivery charges / discounts. 

Bend Plus Support Services

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Free Online Training

Online training videos for Standard & Lite Users and Live Training Sessions for Prime users by rebar industry experts. Learn the whole software within a few days and get additional sessions whenever required. All included in the software pack.

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Online Support

We provide extensive online support services for BendPlus users to make sure they don’t get stuck anywhere. After regular hours, you can still reach us at emergency support. Bend Plus support is available on calls/ chat using screen connect software.

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Software Updates

Bend Plus Software updates regularly every month with additional features and bug fixes. Software updates are absolutely free and available to all Bend Plus users under the support plan. All major and minor updates are available as per the software pack. 

Online Access For Top Management & Customers

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Plant Monitor

An application hosted on Cloud Server. This application Syncs the required information from of plant database, showing all the prime areas of concern to the top management, including stock in hand, current production in hand, summaries of rebar waste, dispatched & invoices.

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Customer Portal

An application hosted on a Cloud Server which Syncs limited information related to the particular customer. Allows them to enter BBS orders online, monitor their order status, download delivery notes for shipments from plant, download invoices directly from this portal. 

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Multiple Building Codes

Additional Building Codes Can Be Customized Within 2-3 Days

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