Bar Bending Schedule of
Beams / Columns/ Slab as per
IS-2502 & BSI -2005

Standard Form of Reinforcement Bar Bending Schedule

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Bar Bending Schedule or BBS can be defined as a detailed list of bent and straight bars required for a reinforced concrete structure. Bending Schedule  provides complete details of each bar to identify it on site including the Bar Mark, Bar Size, Bar Shape or shape code, Quantity of each bar, Length of the Bar and field notes if required. As per Indian standards, the bar bending schedule should be created as per the following sequence:

Location | Bar Mark | Bar Size | No. of Sets | No. per Set | Length | Shape

Standard Form of Reinforcement Bar Bending Schedule - Table 1 as per IS 2502 - 1963 , Reaffirmed 2018

Mark Designation
Size And Type
Number of Sets
Number Per Set
Total Number
(1) Column
(2) C4 4R 25N
(3) MS Round 25 mm
(4) 5
(5) 4
(6) 20
(7) 3000 mm
(8) Straight
bar bending schedule as per Indian standards
BBS Table IS 2502 - Click to Enlarge

Standard Form of Reinforcement Bar Bending Schedule - BSI 8666 2005

Bar Mark
Type & Size
No. of Member
No. in Each
Total No.
Length mm
Shape Code
A mm
B mm
C mm
D mm
EIR mm
Rev. Letter
Column 18
H 25 mm
bsi bar bending schedule
BBS Table BS 8666 2005 - Click to Enlarge

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